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Shadows Cast by Light
Shadows Cast By Light
the brightest light
casts darkest shadows
with a life like a fight
and words that pierced like arrows
a heart so strong
that persevered
against hate so wrong
from the people who feared
a man drove to madness from pointless disdain
though always his good true heart did he retain
never alone though always different
always with friends who find you magnificent
never lose that truest brightest heart
only let the shadows play their small part
from a true friend, who can attest
love those who matter, and forget the rest
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World Builder
World Builder
A man once asked "what do you do?"
and i smiled and replied "what do i do? Why, i build worlds"
"you build worlds!?"
"I build worlds."
i build worlds where life abounds
i build worlds of color and sound
i build worlds of purity and light
and i build worlds of damning night
i build worlds where giants and monsters roar
i build worlds where iron clashes as axes and swords
i build worlds where magic heals and burns
Yes my friends it is true
i am a world builder through and through
I'm always creating something new
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Story Tellers
Story Teller
A friend asked "What do you do?"
and i smiled and said "I tell stories."
he replied "You tell stories?"
"I tell stories."
I tell stories of light and bliss
i tell stories of true love and its kiss
I tell stories of darkness and hate
I tell stories of the cruel hand of fate
I weave yarns of beauty
Where the hero serves out of duty
Where good will prevail
Stories where evil will always fail
I create webs of lies
where the hero will die
Where darkness will arise
Stories where night the flies
Yes my friends, listen to my words
I will spin you a tale as I build worlds
:iconwarlord94:warlord94 1 0
Thats A fact
Thats a fact
i need your sweet love
my beautiful dove
i long to feel your gentle caress
my sweet princess
i know that sounded like corn
but when i write for you, i forget the form
i can't even think straight
my heart begins to race
when i hear your voice, or see your face
i know i have found my place
by your side
forever and always
ill never leave you
we'll never part ways
i love you will all my heart
you are the one who makes my art
without you, my words are bland
without you my feet have no land
I've fallen for you in the most perfect way
i hope you feel the same today
today tomorrow and forever after that
ill always love you, and thats a fact
:iconwarlord94:warlord94 1 0
the holidays are a time of year
meant to be full of love and cheer
though this season i fear
i just can't feel that without you near
i miss the gently caress of your touch
the sweetness of your voice
of your love i will never get enough
i know i always worry
and i always fret
and i have since the first day we met
i know you say i don't need to
but i simply can't stop
i love you more every day
i need you in every way
so on this holiday keep me close and in your heart
for me and you, my love, will never part
and together make life such a sweet art
:iconwarlord94:warlord94 0 0
Missing you
Missing You
missing your touch and beautiful face
longing for your love and flawless grace
as i sit alone missing you in this place
though we haven't been away for to long
i always need to be near you, and our love's sweet song
the next time we see each other will be such sweet bliss
but until then everything about you i will dearly miss
whether it be the sunset or rise
it pales in comparison to the beauty of your eyes
it pains my heart to know for awhile
i won't be able to wake to your beautiful smile
and nothing will ever give me the same rush
as the gentle, wonderful feeling of your touch
But one day soon, we will be together forever
we will never need to part, we have a bond that can never be severed
i love you, and you love me
we will be together in perfect harmony
:iconwarlord94:warlord94 0 0
The Tale of Ash
An ashen tale
the fires fail
the sun turns grey and pale
like a hammer to the final nail
the long dead rise
a strange blaze in their eyes
the ash flies
as the kindled rise
The watchers and the legions
the angels and the demons
ripping apart a world in grey
just for a chance to light the way
all the madness
and all the sadness
as the age of fire
sputters out like a funeral pyre
:iconwarlord94:warlord94 1 2
Sun rises skyward
as people march onward
leaving the cradle
as soon as we were able
humanity settles down
cities craft their crown
and with the aid of simple blade
great nations form while their lessers fade
technology increases
as we spread our diseases
and the culture of native people ceases
wars in the holy places
blood on their faces
crosses around the neck
siege towers and engines keep the heathens in check
All because the greater the tech is
there is less time to look in their eyes and feel sympathetic
so you can never regret it
but a true knight would never stay a true blade
so he could bathe in the righteous rays
reformation through flame
faces and ideas from days gone
come back and try to prove the right from wrong
thinkers writers and poets
replace the war monger on his pulpit
all the progress soiled in a quest for the new world
slavery and genocide as new hatreds unfurled
colonization, social stratification
a milestone on a fuse toward our world's detonation
again we make pr
:iconwarlord94:warlord94 1 1
The Page
I am redeemed
alone on my knees
inspiration has beamed
I am free to be me
darkness had surrounded
I was isolated and afraid
but then light abounded
and now ideas cascade
now to finish what I begun
I bring life to my art
a new font has sprung
in my dreamer's heart
but now I wonder where to start
mind in the writing
ink to the page
ideas forming and fighting
no longer in a cage
brilliant boom of fantasy
mighty swing of magic
and soon all will see
my words will become classic
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heya guys, so ive been gone for....forever. But im back and i probably will never post nearly as much as i say i will but i WILL be posting again.


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